Publishing fees for classes

Publishing fees for classes


While fee categories allow you to specify the various fees that students are liable to pay, published fees is what  the students actually pay.

While publishing fees, you select the various fee items (categories) that make up the fee you are publishing. For instance, while publishing, say a First Term Consolidated School Fee, you may choose to include ICT dues, exam fees etc. Then the value of the First Term Consolidated School Fee would be the sum of the various fee items you selected. When the Fee has been published, the students can then pay it through any of the payment channels.

Note that the term First Term Consolidated School Fee was used here for emphasis, you are free to name your fees with any title you please.

To start, click the Publish Fees link under the Fees/Bursary menu. Select the class you want to publish the fees for and click Proceed. You will then be in the fee publishing module.

Select the session and term for the fee and give the fee a suitable title.

While publishing your fees, you may decide to allow the fees to paid in part by the students. To enable this feature, in the top-right corner of the screen, under part payments for this fees, click enable.

Fees templates simplifies your fee publishing procedure. If you save a template while publishing a fee, any configurations you made prior to saving the template such as enabling part payments, fee titles and fee items will be saved. you can then reuse them if you want to publish a similar fee. This helps you save time.


To save a template, before you click the     button, tick  the box

In the image below, you see the field to select a previously svaed scheme. Click on it and select the template you want to use.



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