Promoting/Transferring/Graduating Students

  • From the admin dashboard, select the Student menu.
  • then from the submenu, select Student's Promotion / Class transfer / Graduation Menu to reveal the form below
                   form load image
  •  From the window, select the Current Academic Session and the class information of the students in the spaces provided. In the Transfer to Session field, select the academic session you want to transfer the students to. Click on Load to load the students information as shown below

doc image

  •  In the TO section, you can specify the class you want to send the sudents to.
  • Use the checkbox provided next to the student's name to mark the students you want to promote. You can selectively mark the  students one by one by ticking their corespomding boxes or you can use the select all box to select all the students.
  • Click  submit and confirm the action from the pop up to finalize the tranfer

If the students are graduaing, you should select the graduating option in the  Transfer to Class Division and complete the action as above.

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