Managing news, events and announcements

Managing news, events and announcements


You may want to publish news and articles or public annoucements and make them available on the front page of your website for your visitors to read. You can set them up by clicking the link on the menu.

1. Click the button to open the creation modal.

2. Enter the details of the News/Event/Announcement. The Title and Audience fields are required.


You should specify who can view the News/Event/Announcement. Click the button under the Audience field and select the users who should view the News/Event/Announcement.


If you need to send notifications to the audience about the News/Event/Announcement, select the method of notification under the Notify Audience By heading. Your audience will receive the link to the News/Event/Announcement you created.

Select none if you don't want this.


If you want the News/Event/Announcement to appear on your school website, click Yes.

Click to save the News/Event/Announcement


When you click the link, you should see a page similar to the image above. It shows a list of previously created.

To edit a particular News/Event/Announcement, click on its to open the edit modal. Make the changes and click to save.

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