Managing hostel categories

  • Locate the Hostels menu from the sidebar panel and click it.
  • A window opens up which contains two sections.
  • Section 1 contains modules for creating hostel types, hostels and hostel rooms. The Section 2 contains modules for application processing, hostel allocations, hostel switching and so on.

  • To add a Hostel Type, select the Hostel Types tab from Fig.177. The following window will open.
  • Enter the Hostel Type Name and Description and click save button. This will be populated in the Hostel Type List. The following green message will be displayed for confirmation. If the Hostel Type name clashes the red coloured message will be displayed.

  • To Edit a Hostel Type, select the Edit button in Fig 178.

  • To delete a Hostel Type, select the Delete button in Fig 178.

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