Managing hostel bed-space allotment

  • Hostel application processing, hostel allocations, hostel switching and so on are performed in section 2 as shown in Fig.185.

  • Application Approval method can be either Manual or Automatic, which can be set here.
  • The classes which can apply for Hostel allocation are regulated here.
  • Hostel Reservation Duration can be set here. If the payment is not received in the above duration, the allocation will be void.

  • The Application Completed tab contains the list of applicants waiting for approval. Only payment verified applications will appear here.
  • After going through the application click the Approve Allocation button.
  • A success message like the one below will be displayed.

  • This tab contains the list of applicants whose payment is not verified yet. Once the payment is done, the application will be moved to Application Completed tab. If the payment is not done within the Hostel Reservation Duration, the application will be cancelled.


  • Using this tab, the current allocations of all the hostel rooms can be viewed based on Classes and sections.
  • Hostel Allotments can be modified in this tab using the  button under the Switch Allocator header. Once the button is clicked the following window opens up.
  • In the above window the students can be switched to other hostels.

  • Using this tab, all the current Hostel Rooms allocations based on the academic session can be viewed

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