Assignment / home works

Assignment / home works


The Assignement/Home Work tool allows teachers to set up take home assginments for their classes. The assinments can be viewed students and their parents. To access the Assignment sytstem, Click on the Class Management menu and select the Assignment/Home Work link.

1. Click the blue Add Assignment link on the top-right side of the screen.

2. In the next page, you can fiil the details of the assignment and click Add to save.


Editing an assignment. Click on the circled region


To Edit an Assignment select the Edit button and make the changes.

Click update when you are done to save it.

Click the red basket to delete

To delete an Assignment, select the delete button and confirm the prompt to authorise and complete the action

Click the circled region to view the assignment

To view an already entered assignment, click the magnifying glass button under the View.

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